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VANELi is a women's shoe brand under Marmi. With Click to read more
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VANELi is a women's shoe brand under Marmi. With over thirty years of experience in the shoe industry, Miami has consistently manufactured beautiful shoes.Fashion-conscious women trust this brand for high-quality and stylish shoes. In addition, VANELi shoes are affordable and suitable for all occasions and seasons. So whether your feet are slim, narrow, medium, or wide, VANELi has your perfect fit!Different activities determine the shoe design to wear. So whether you're standing for long, going for a walk, or running, VANELi Verne stretch knit flats are the perfect option. The shoes are lightweight and breathable, so you can wear them all day long for comfortable non-sweaty feet.The insole has arc support to keep the shoe in shape while it holds your weight, and you can remove it for easy washing. The outsole is made of grooved rubber, providing the perfect grip on wet or slippery surfaces. So whether you're heavyweight, lightweight, pregnant, or more, these shoes will never disappoint you.The stretch knit flats are customized for every foot type, and you can easily slip them on. The shoe's fabric is non-allergic and flexible for every movement you make. The 1/2 inch sole is comfortable for bending or standing jobs and even daily workouts.Vanelli Verne stretch knit flats are available in five colors; Yellow Stretch Knit, Taupe Stretch Knit, Black Stretch Knit, Navy Stretch Knit, and Red Stretch Knit. They also have various sizes ranging from size 4 to 12. In addition, they have three different widths, narrow, medium, and wide.You can rock VANELi Verne stretch knit flats with a pair of jeans, a skirt, or your favorite dress. Are you going to the office, visiting someone, going to college, or staying home with your young kids? These flats will give you the ultimate comfort throughout the day. You can grab your pair at an affordable price today!
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