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Would you like to expose your feet and toes to fresh air as you go about your daily activities or run errands? Then, VANELi Tallis women's leather toe loop sandals are suitable for you. The sandals' serpentine style is lovely and neutral, so you can match it up with a pair of trousers, dress, or skirt.These multi-metallic snake print women's leather toe-loop sandals are comfortable on your feet and easy to slip on. In addition, the leather is skin-friendly and non-sweaty.VANELi Tallis women's leather toe loop sandals have a padded insole that is soft and comfy to your feet. The sole is 3/4 inch high, so you can comfortably bend or stand without exerting much pressure on your back. In addition, the sole consists of pebbled rubber for non-slip grip to the floor and increased durability.VANELi Tallis women's leather toe loop sandals are available in four colors; Opal Snake Print, Rose Snake Print, Skyway Snake Print, and Black Snake Print. You can get the sandals in various sizes, from the smallest size 4 to the largest size 13. You can also get them in different widths, narrow, medium, and wide.VANELi is a reputable brand producing high-quality and stylish women's shoes. Its parent company, Marmi, has been in the shoe industry for more than thirty years. Born out of a desire to design beautiful shoes for every woman regardless of their size, Marmi continues to accomplish its initial ambition by creating fashionable shoes.VANELi shoes are affordable and come in different styles, colors, and sizes without compromising the quality. VANELi shoes are created with the end-user in mind. As a result, they are made to fit all types of feet, whether slender, narrow, wide, or medium. There is a pair of VANELi shoes for every occasion and season.
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